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Lets be honest, when you say to your pup that they're getting a spa day, it doesn't have the same connotations to them as it does to you. Grooming can be a scary experience for most, they have to leave their mom or dad, they get put in a cage, they get their hair pulled and places that they don't like squeezed, squeezed. We can alleviate some of their discomfort by allowing them to run around, play, and not have to stare somberly out a cage door. We also like to think, although we know it's not possible, that we provide them with as much love and doting as their (Paw)rents. Reasons to Wag puts the pup first and will not inflict unnecessary pain, such as combing out tight matting to the skin, just to satisfy their humans need for what they deem aesthetically pleasing. Here, we too believe the customer comes first, our customers are your furry ones. 
Stop by and say hello, we love to meet like-minded people who believe a house is not a home without paw prints.

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825 Kuhn Dr. Ste. !00

Chula Vista, CA 91914


E-mail: info@reasonstowag.com


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