Arrival and Departure

All dogs must be on leash or in a carrier when they arrive and depart. Even if your dog is incredibly well trained and brilliant off-leash, circumstances may arise to distract even the most well-behaved pet.

Owners Staying or Arriving before they are called

Pet parents are not allowed in the grooming or bathing area to 'help' and cannot wait while your pup is being groomed. Your pet can become too excited and could cause injury to themselves or to the groomer. Also, please do not come before your pet is ready for the same reason.

Grooming Time

If you have a time constraint on the day you scheduled for grooming, please reschedule. Grooming times vary upon tempermant of your pet, difficulty of the groom and the quality in which you have taken care or not of their fur, we especially will not rush an elderly dog through the grooming process.




No Show

When you schedule an appointment, you reserve that time for your pet and their groomer. So when you do not show, we not only lost  your business, but the business of the pet that we could have put in their spot. As a small business, no-shows can have an adverse affect on us. We will absolve the first no-show, but the second will result in a %50 percent charge of the grooming rate and you will be required to pre-pay in full at the time you schedule your next appointment with no refund.


Please, try and cancel within 12 hours of your appointment so that we may fill your time slot.


We are on a tight schedule and even a few minutes delay throws off the flow for the entire day. Please be on time.

Picking Up

Please be punctual in picking up your pet, as our shoppe is cage-free, a dog who is done with their grooming may get excited and noisy and cause stress to the other dogs.


Store Location

825 Kuhn Dr. Ste. !00

Chula Vista, CA 91914




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